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Catch the Travelin’ McCourys During Olathe Live!

Catch the Travelin’ McCourys During Olathe Live!


Since 2001, the Olathe community has enjoyed summer after summer of great live entertainment through Olathe Live! shows. So far this summer, we have heard from Sierra Hull, Laith Al-Saadi, and Liverpool. But, there is still more to come.

On September 15th, Special Forces (a .38 Special tribute band) will play at Frontier Park. Then we get to hear the Travelin’ McCourys during Olathe Live! on September 22nd at Stagecoach Park. Each performance will begin at 7pm.

One of the best things about these shows is that they are free to the public. In addition, each show supports a local charity by collecting donations. Funds gathered during the Special Forces show will support the Salvation Army; at the Travelin’ McCourys show, those donations will support the Mahaffie Foundation.

Since all of these shows have open seating, be sure to come early to pick out the best spot. You are allowed to bring lawn chairs, blankets, food, non-alcoholic drinks, and your dog on a leash. Keep in mind that alcohol is prohibited. There will also be food and drinks available for purchase at each concert.

We hope to see lots of our Olathe Ford friends at both of these Olathe Live! concerts.

Back to School Tips to Keep Your Sanity

Back to School Tips to Keep Your Sanity

back to school tips

As the school year begins, you and your kids may feel excited for the new year. However, as the excitement wears off, school can become a challenge for some families. With a few of these back to school tips, you can stay on top of things and keep the excitement for the entire year.

Make a homework space

Make sure your kids have a place where they can do their homework. Whether this is a spot at the dining room table, a desk, or even in their room. Keep a box with all the supplies they might need—pencils, erasers, crayons, scissors, a calculator, etc.

Have a schedule

To make sure everyone in the family is getting enough sleep, create a schedule with set bedtimes and wake-up times. In addition, you should schedule family meals and after school activities, too, so everyone knows what to expect.

Have some fun

Talk to your kids about what they are learning at school. Try to find ways to incorporate the new things into your lives. For example, if they are learning about fractions, bake with them and let them do all the measuring.

At Olathe Ford, we hope everyone has a great school year. If you need a new back-to-school ride, visit us and check out the great family-friendly Ford models available.

Jump Starting Your Car: The Proper Technique

Jump Starting Your Car: The Proper Technique

Jump starting your car is one thing you hope you never have to do, but it’s important to learn the proper technique. Not only should you understand proper procedures to stay safe, but it will also prevent you from getting stranded with a dead battery. Here are the basics to using jumper cables on a dead battery.

First, according to Popular Mechanics, make sure it’s a dead battery—there’s no use messing around with cables if it’s not. If you have a dead or dying battery, the lights will not work (or they will be very dim) and the ignition may click but not turn over.

If you’re sure it’s a dead battery, you’ll need to find a jumper car. Pull the cars close together, but make sure they are not touching. Next, get your cables out and begin making connections. (Cables should ideally be 20 feet in length and 4 to 6 gauge in size.)

With both cars off, start by attaching the positive (red or +) clamp to the dead battery. Now attach the red clamp to the functioning battery.

Now you can connect the negative (black or -) clamp to the terminal on the good battery. This next step is very important: do NOT attach the negative clamp to the dead battery. Instead, attach it to a piece of unpainted metal in the engine compartment, like an engine bolt or part of the frame. This grounds the circuit and makes the process much safer.

Now you can start the engine of the jumper car and leave it running for a while. After a few minutes, try to start the dead car. If it doesn’t work, let it charge longer. When you get them both running, leave the previously dead car running for a while to charge up the battery. Remove the cables in the reverse order you put them on, but be sure to watch out for moving parts. For more info about jumping cars or for a new battery, visit Olathe Ford.

Second Annual Ford Musician Awards Celebrate Culture and Community

Second Annual Ford Musician Awards Celebrate Culture and Community

Ford constantly strives to give back to the communities to which it belongs—one reason we’re happy to be a part of the Ford family. Recently, the company sponsored a week of music and celebration for revitalizing downtown Detroit, an area devastated by economic decline over the past decades. This week of music included the second annual Ford Musician Awards.

According to Ford, the week of music included a lineup of singers such as Aretha Franklin and Mitch Ryder, as well as classical music thanks to the League of American Orchestras. The President of Ford’s company fund Jim Vella delivered a speech about the importance of supporting cultural institutions to create stronger communities, culminating in the awarding of $75,000 to five orchestra musicians.

“Detroit’s rich musical history strikes chords with audiences around the world,” said Vella. “We are proud to help bring together a diverse group of music and arts supporters to learn from each other and experience what our region has to offer.”

We at Olathe Ford are proud to be a part of the Ford community. The Ford Fund’s community sponsorships have totaled more than $15 million over the past decade, including a range of music, cultural programs, and events.

Tips for Road Trips with Pets

Tips for Road Trips with Pets

No one wants to leave their dogs and cats behind when they go on a vacation, and a lot of the time, you might want to bring your furry friends along for the ride. But, taking road trips with pets isn’t as simple as sticking them in the backseat and hitting the road, so here are some easy tips that will make you and your pets safer.

One of the most neglected parts of pet travel is making sure the pet is used to being in the vehicle for long periods of time. Take them for a few mini-road trips before you leave, especially if they aren’t a fan of driving.

It’s also important to do your research. If you’re planning to stay in a hotel, you have to find ones that are dog-friendly. You also can’t leave your pet alone in the car, so don’t plan to stop at a lot of restaurants on the way unless you’re going to drop your dog off at a hotel beforehand. Invest in car harnesses or crates that you can use to keep your dog safely in place for the ride.

During the drive, you want to make sure your dog or cat has access to water during the drive. Feed them at their normal times—so if you usually feed them at 5pm, stop the car and give them their dinner and then you can get back on the road. And you have to take frequent bathroom breaks! You don’t want messes in your car, and you don’t want an uncomfortable dog.

For more tips on traveling with pets, give us a call at Olathe Ford!

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Transfer Case Enables Cutting-Edge Terrain Management

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Transfer Case Enables Cutting-Edge Terrain Management

The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor will come with one of the most innovative transfer cases ever, a system that merges all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive that can handle any terrain situation, from icy conditions on the road to off-road desert driving.

The 4WD/AWD transfer case is controlled automatically by the F-150 Raptor’s all-new Terrain Management System, but it can also be controlled with a 4×4 shift to switch manually back and forth between 4WD and AWD. The specially designed transfer case, according to Ford, “employs an electronic shift-on-the-fly system featuring mechanical locks” that lets the Raptor tackle all types of terrain.

The Raptor has been through 2,500 miles of off-road competition testing to guarantee it can handle any type of weather or terrain, and it paid off. The Raptor’s on-demand all-wheel drive system is perfectly designed for daily driving and includes an all-weather mode. The 4WD system is durable and provides outstanding off-road performance. You get the best of both worlds with the Raptor’s Terrain Management System, without sacrificing any quality.

The new Raptor will come with a high-output EcoBoost engine paired to a 10-speed transmission for performance at 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. Find out more about the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor today at Olathe Ford!

New Ford Police Responder Hybrid is First of Its Kind

New Ford Police Responder Hybrid is First of Its Kind

Ford is revolutionizing the industry with its alternative-energy vehicles, including the latest lineup of electric vehicles. Additionally, Ford has also provided police with cruisers for decades. Now, Ford has become the first brand to offer a pursuit-rated hybrid police car. These cars will first be introduced in New York and Los Angeles.

According to Ford, the company is spending more than $4.5 billion on 13 new hybrid-electric vehicles to be released over the new few years. These include an F-150, Mustang, Transit van, and more. The new police cruiser, called the Police Responder Hybrid Sedan, will save thousands of dollars in fuel costs without sacrificing power.

“Electrifying our next generation of vehicles is core to our unwavering commitment to sustainability,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president. “By being a leader in electrified vehicles, we remain committed to delivering cars, trucks and SUVs that are better not only for our customers, but for the environment and society as well.”

The latest Police Responder comes with an Atkinson-cycle 2.0liter engine and a powerful electric motor. This model has a lithium-ion battery system, and it can also operate in a battery-only mode when cruising at normal speeds. We at Olathe Ford can’t wait to see the latest hybrid designs to come out of Ford.

Improving Fuel Economy

Improving Fuel Economy

improving fuel economy - olathe, ks

Improving fuel economy is not only great for the environment, but it can also save you money in the long run. That’s why we at Olathe Ford have compiled a list of the best ways to increase gas mileage, from changing your driving habits to regular service and maintenance. Read on to learn more about how you can up fuel efficiency.

According to How Stuff Works, one of the best things to do is slow down. Speeding can significantly decrease gas mileage, especially when travelling on the highway. In fact, many highway speed limits are set based on safety as well as efficiency standards, helping you to get the best performance. By slowing down, you’ll save more at the pump.

Next, maintain your vehicle. This include the basics like regular oil changes, alignment, and new tires. You can do some of this work yourself, like checking tire pressure every few months, but some things may require you to take your car in for a checkup. In fact, a yearly tune up can drastically improve fuel economy.

Finally, get a new car. The latest model year tends to have the latest technologies and tuned powertrains, offering the best fuel economy. You may also want to check out any one of the new hybrid vehicles available from Ford.

Tips for Driving on Sand

Tips for Driving on Sand

Tips for Driving on Sand | Olathe, KSDriving on loose sand is one of the hardest terrains for 4×4 vehicles because it’s so easy to sink into the sand if you don’t do it right. Beach sand is easy—it’s wet and beaten down by hundreds of feet every day. Desert sand is more difficult, but it’s doable if you follow these easy tips for driving on sand.

First of all, you need to put your car in low gear and let some air out of your tires. The lower pressure increases the amount of tire that touches the sand, letting it glide over the sand instead of digging into it.

Somewhere between 12 and 15 psi is good—it’s obviously much too low to drive on pavement, but the softness of the sand means your wheels aren’t going to hit solid ground and bend, so there’s nothing to worry about. But don’t forget to re-inflate them when you get back to solid ground!

It’s also much harder to turn on sand, so don’t take curves too quickly, and make it wide if you can so you can turn gradually. If you start to get stuck, straighten out and get some momentum back before you try to turn again.

If your tires start spinning and sinking into the sand, try to ease backwards and give yourself some kind of traction if you can, like a floor mat or chain. If you’re near fresh water, wetting the sand can help, but don’t use your drinking water!

Remember, it’s safest to do this in a 4WD vehicle. Front-wheel drive is a big no and rear-wheel drive is only a little better.

2017 Ford Driving Skills for Life Tour Kicks Off

2017 Ford Driving Skills for Life Tour Kicks Off

2017 Ford Driving Skills for LifeThe 2017 Ford Driving Skills for Life tour kicked off this month, starting its 14th year helping new drivers improve their skills and learn safety techniques through expert instruction.

The tour started at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, on February 4th, and will continue throughout early spring on March 4th-5th in Arcadia, California, and April 22nd-23rd in Houston, Texas, as well as additional dates that haven’t been announced yet.

Ford Driving Skills for Life focuses on handling, recognizing hazards, speed and space management, and the dangers of driving while distracted or impaired. The program has existed since 2003 and has since provided free driving instruction to more than a million new drivers around the world.

Though many vehicles today come with safety technologies that automatically assist drivers, including Ford vehicles, the global manager of Driving Skills for Life says that driving safety is not just about “downloading the latest app” but about “real-world training and improved decision-making skills.”

The 2017 Ford Driving Skills for Life program has the usual Ford drugged and drunk driving suits that simulate how dangerous impaired and distracted driving is, but it also adds new virtual reality training tools for navigating through traffic circles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

If you’re a newly licensed driver or the parent of a new driver and want to sign up for Driving Skills for Life, visit the website and see if there will be classes available in your area or register for the online Academy.