2017 Ford Mustang Named the Women’s Performance Car of the Year

2017 Ford Mustang Named the Women’s Performance Car of the Year

The Ford Mustang recently won the prestigious Women’s Performance Car of the Year 2016, beating a whopping 294 competitors. This award is determined by 17 judges from 14 countries, making it an extensive and difficult title to achieve. From looks to performance, everything about the Mustang is appealing to many women worldwide.

According to Ford, the Women’s Performance Car of the Year award was developed due to the rise of women drivers worldwide. In fact, this is the fastest growing demographic when it comes to vehicle purchases. Categories are based on statistical surveys, and they include safety, value, aesthetics, sex appeal, environmental footprint, child friendliness, and more. Though not representative of all women, these categories show what most women car buyers say they look for.

“Ford Mustang is surprisingly loved by women who are after a sexy, sporty, masculine car that turns heads,” said Juliet Potter, Women’s World Car of the Year jury member from Australia. “Combining the car’s silver-screen celebrity status with real-life practicality, Mustang screams, ‘I am in control!’ and delivers the same behind the wheel with above-average grip and suspension.”

The runner-up for the award was the Ford Focus RS, showing just how impressive the brand truly is. The Mustang is certainly a great vehicle for virtually any buyer, but if you want a car that’s truly award-winning, few models top the 2017 Ford Mustang.

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