Celebrating MLK Jr. Day: How Will You Commemorate Dr. King?

Celebrating MLK Jr. Day: How Will You Commemorate Dr. King?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is right around the corner on January 16th. This day commemorates the famous civil rights activist, and it was first established in 1986 as a national holiday. In addition to marches and demonstrations, there are several ways to celebrate MLK Jr. Day. Read on to learn about some traditions from around the country, many of which may prompt you to celebrate the day in a new way.

According to NBC, there are several church services and musical performances all across New York City taking place for this. Celebrating MLK Jr. Day has been a long tradition in the Harlem and Brooklyn areas, and you can take walking tours throughout the city. For this year, the Apollo Theatre is hosting a panel titled “Race and Privilege: Exploring MLK’s Two America’s”. As a trained theologian, MLK Jr. is also celebrated in churches across the city.

Philadelphia is home to some of the biggest MLK Jr. Day celebrations, including the Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King. Jr. Day of Service. Over 135,000 people volunteer across the city, ranging from free and inexpensive events, soup kitchens, and help for the homeless, among other things. There is also a reading from “Letter from Birmingham Jail” (one of MLK’s most famous works) at the Eastern State Penitentiary.

These are just a few examples of ways to celebrate MLK Jr. Day. Dr. King is celebrated across the world, including Japan, Canada, Israel, and Europe. We will remember him for who he was, and what he did for the world.

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