Leaked Photos Reveal Possible New Ford Bronco Design

Leaked Photos Reveal Possible New Ford Bronco Design

The Michigan Assembly Plant has just begun production on the 2019 Ford Ranger, yet Ford fans are already looking to the next major vehicle the plant will produce: the all-new Ford Bronco.

The Ford Bronco will reportedly begin production at the plant next year, and fans are anxiously trying to sneak a peek at what this all-new vehicle will look like. Several photos of it have leaked online, but everyone’s wondering if these photos are truly of the new Ford Bronco.

Based on the leaked photos, it looks like the new Ford Bronco design will be as a four-door SUV with a boxy shape similar to the original Bronco. However, the new Bronco may have rounder edges, with round LED headlights, windows that appear to wrap around to vehicle as a result of black pillars, and a white roof. Rather than being a large SUV like its namesake, the new Bronco looks like it’s a four-door crossover ready for off-road adventures.

Then again, the leaked photos may not really be of the Bronco, but of another vehicle that Ford is developing, such as the Ford Focus-inspired crossover that will take some design cues from the Bronco.

Either way, we’ll get our answer shortly: Ford will likely unveil the new Bronco at the Detroit Auto Show in January. We at Olathe Ford can’t wait to see it.

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