Ford VW Collaboration Might Produce Electric, Self-Driving Cars

Ford VW Collaboration Might Produce Electric, Self-Driving Cars

News broke recently that Ford and Volkswagen are considering collaborating to develop self-driving and electric vehicles together. Following the official announcement in June that the two automakers will partner on commercial vehicles, this new collaboration would extend their partnership even further. No official announcement has been made by either companies concerning this self-driving/EV undertaking, but industry experts expect Ford and VW to announce the news by the end of 2018.

This is not the first partnership of its kind, as automakers across the globe have been discussing teaming up to share the costs of developing self-driving and electric vehicles, recognizing such an endeavor as the future of the industry. With such an allegiance of resources and expertise, both Ford and VW could save billions on research and development.

Everyone’s keeping an eye on the possible Ford VW collaboration, as an announcement could be imminent. Michelle Krebs, the executive analyst at Autotrader, stated, “Partnerships on electric vehicles and advanced technologies, like the one being discussed by Ford and Volkswagen, make sense. These efforts are extremely expensive with no clear timing on return on investment. Sharing cost and boosting economies of scale makes sense. We will see many more of these partnerships between car companies as well as technology companies.” The auto industry is pivoting toward such ventures, and by the end of 2023, Ford has pledged to invest $4 billion in its new Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC venture.

We at Olathe Ford are big fans of Volkswagen and are excited by the possibility of two of our favorite automakers joining forces.


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