Why Spin Scooters Matter to Ford

Why Spin Scooters Matter to Ford

If you’ve been in a big city the past few months, you’ve likely seen electric scooters lining street corners available for public use. Even if you didn’t know it, you’ve likely seen scooters from Bird, Lime, and Spin, three of the top competitors in micro-mobility services. Would you ever think that an automaker would be interested in these city scooters?

On Nov. 8, news broke that Ford bought the electric scooter startup Spin for over $40 million, showing the automaker’s dedication to new, innovative transportation options for Americans. Ford’s acquisition of Spin comes with little surprise, as many automakers have been investing in alternative forms of transportation over the past couple years.

Micro-mobility options like electric Spin Scooters provide a great transportation option to customers who want to travel short distances in crowded areas, such as 1-3 miles around the city or around a college campus. Rather than being limited to taxis, ride-sharing services, and the complications that come with them, customers can use electric scooters as a simple and fast way to travel, avoiding dense traffic in the process.

The scooters also allow riders to get closer to wherever they’re going. Parking isn’t an issue either: Simply leave the scooter in a public spot when you’re finished using it.

Over the next 18 months, Spin hopes to be in 100 markets, and Ford will have a hand in making that happen. We at Olathe Ford might not ride scooters around town, but we love Ford’s lineup of cars and SUVs.


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