Camper, Mobile Office, or Second Home: The Ford Transit Design

Camper, Mobile Office, or Second Home: The Ford Transit Design

Ford Transits have recently become popular for camping and staying outdoors, as these large vans offer plenty of space, surprisingly impressive capabilities, and easily customizable designs. Owners can effectively create their ultimate camper using the Ford Transit as a foundation.

According to Ford, there’s been a notable spike in the number of drivers using the Transit for camper-vanning—a form of vacation camping in a large vehicle.

“Now, I can live out on the road for extended periods of time,” says Teri Lou Dantzler, a landscape photographer and grandmother who goes camper-vanning. “In between venturing to unique photo locations, I do meet-ups and conduct live photography classes – all from my home on the road.”

The 2018 Transit Cargo has up to 542.2 cubic ft of maximum cargo space when you remove the front passenger seat and choose the Long Extended model, which means you have tons more space than you would traditionally find in an SUV or minivan. That added space translates to more room for camping gear.

Additionally, some drivers use their Transit vans as rent-free spaces for getting work done. For example, graphic designer Tasha Rivard works out of her Transit Connect, which she easily customized by adding 100-watt solar panel charges for powering her refrigerator and other electronic devices. The level of customization offered by the Transit makes it an ideal option for those who want work space for when they go on the road.

You’ll find the Ford Transit here at Olathe Ford. We’ll be able to help you come up with ideas of how you can turn the Ford Transit design into mobile space that suits your needs.

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