How to Maximize Your Car’s Air Conditioning

How to Maximize Your Car’s Air Conditioning

We are in the full heat of summer now, which means air conditioning is a necessity wherever you go. If you are tired of sweltering car rides with an air conditioner that isn’t doing its job, it might be time for a check-up. Otherwise, here are a few tips on how to maximize your car’s air conditioning.

  1. Don’t Start It Early. Many people try to cool down their car faster by starting it up a few minutes early. Unfortunately, this does not work very well. The air conditioning compressor works much better when you are actually driving. Instead of starting your car sooner, open the windows for 10-20 seconds when you start driving to let the hot air out.
  2. Use the coolest temperature setting. This might sound surprising, but using the lowest temperature setting is actually the most efficient use of your air conditioning. The air is automatically cooled to a preset temperature. When you set it higher, it has to re-heat the air, which burns more fuel.
  3. Don’t use recirculation. Recirculation pulls air from the front of the cabin back through the system. This will keep everyone up front nice and cool, but if you have backseat passengers, they will likely feel hot and uncomfortable.

If your car’s air conditioning needs serviced, bring your vehicle to Olathe Ford. We’d be glad to help you cool off this summer.


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