The Best Kansas Road Trips to Check Out This Summer

The Best Kansas Road Trips to Check Out This Summer

What better time for a road trip with your closest friends or family than summertime? If you’re looking to discover the best drives in Kansas, you’re in luck. Check out our favorite Kansas road trip routes and get ready to fall in love with the open road.

Small Towns Route

There are so many picturesque small towns throughout Kansas that it would be hard to find a route that takes you through them all. This road trip route navigates through many of the best, though. You could tackle this circuit around central Kansas in one day, but we recommend breaking it up over a long weekend so you can explore the towns along the way.

Kansas Ghost Towns

The state of Kansas has a rich history and is home to many locations that were once thriving towns but are now deserted. If you’re looking to get off the beaten path and discover something new, this route is for you. Along the way, check out the abandoned towns of Dunlap and Diamond Springs and the defunct utopian commune at Silkville Ranch.

Natural Wonders Road Trip

If it’s breathtaking views you’re after, this road trip route is a must. This 14-hour drive meanders through some of the most iconic and beautiful landscapes in the entire country, including Monument Rocks, beautiful prairies, and unique Gypsum Hills.

Your road trip through Kansas should begin at Olathe Ford, where we can set you up in a new or used Ford for your journey.

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