Best Driving Apps That Will Improve Your Daily Commute

Best Driving Apps That Will Improve Your Daily Commute

Let’s face it: even if you absolutely love driving, undertaking the same commute every day can become a chore. Fortunately, there are some awesome apps that can quickly breathe some fresh air into your daily drive. Check out our picks for best driving apps that are sure to revitalize your commute.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

These apps share a spot on our list because they essentially do the same thing: they pair your smartphone with your vehicle for simplified and safe use while behind the wheel. Whether you prefer Apple or Android products, these apps let you access your music, navigation, and other smartphone features quickly and easily.


If you like saving time and money (who doesn’t?), then GasBuddy should be installed on your smartphone. This app automatically finds the best gas prices near your current location so you’ll never have to pay more than necessary at the gas pump again.


While not specifically designed for driving, Audible can turn your tedious commute through morning traffic into treasured time away from the stress of everyday life. This app is the world’s largest collection of audio books, so no matter your interests, you’re sure to find something that you can enjoy listening to during your daily drive.

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