How to Pack For a Long Car Trip

How to Pack For a Long Car Trip

Warmer weather is here. Spring break may have come and gone at Olathe’s local schools, but summer is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to start planning a vacation than right now. You might be dreading the long drive, so we put together a brief list of how to pack for a long car trip to make the ride easier.


Pack Empty Bags

Have you ever gone on a trip and found yourself struggling to fit your souvenirs and your dirty clothes back into the bag you came with? Avoid this problem by having empty duffel bags on hand for overflow.


Use Versatile Clothing

It can be tempting to bring along as many outfits and accessories as you can, but opt for clothes that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion to minimize how much you bring.


Bring a First Aid Kit

A must for families, first aid kits are crucial for administering Band-Aids or bringing along medicine.


Electronics and Books

For a long car trip, having distractions on hand for the kids (and yourself!) is a must. Catch up on reading, stream music, and play mobile games.


There you have it—the basics of how to pack for a long car trip. Before you head out, you should also make sure to give your car a quick maintenance once-over. For help with that, just bring it in to Olathe Ford.

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