Ford Announces Plans to Add New Driver Assist Technology

Ford Announces Plans to Add New Driver Assist Technology


Futuristic safety tech has become commonplace in the automotive industry, with federal crash tests all but requiring features like rearview backup cameras and certain headlight specifications. Driver assist technology and other autonomous features have become the norm, but some automakers are still pushing the envelope, such as Ford, which recently announced plans to expand the brand’s range of driver assist systems and features, up to and include the new Co-Pilot 360 system.


Ford representatives mentioned plans to have many semi-autonomous features standard on their vehicles by 2020, including automatic emergency braking. These plans will be coming to life through the new system. Automatic braking will be featured in the new Co-Pilot 360 package, along with blind spot monitors, a rearview camera, automatic high beams, and a lane keep assist system. There will also be a more advanced upgrade of the Co-Pilot 360 option with systems like evasive steering assist and post-collision braking.


Co-Pilot 360 will make use of cameras facing the front and back of vehicles in Ford’s lineup in addition to modern radar technology in order to sense on-the-road hazards before they can become collisions. The first vehicle to feature the Co-Pilot 360’s driver assist technology will be the 2019 Ford Edge, which rolls out at dealerships sometime this fall.


This is especially notable because most comparable systems are only available in upper-tier luxury cars or as part of pricey packages. Olathe Ford will be happy to offer it on a more mainstream model like the Edge.

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