New Ford Self-Driving Platform Means Previews Future of Transportation

New Ford Self-Driving Platform Means Previews Future of Transportation

Ford is turning into more than just a carmaker–it’s quickly becoming the go-to company for the future of mobility with its new Ford Self-Driving Platform.

New Self-Driving Platform

Recently, the American automaker revealed its new self-driving platform, which will allow partners like Lyft, Domino’s Pizza, and Postmates, along with small- and medium-sized businesses, to tap into the brand’s fleet of autonomous vehicles. This big reveal, along with Ford’s creation of the “Transportation Mobility Cloud” is an illustration of the brand’s aggressive approach to preparing for the future.

Earlier this year, Ford’s new CEO Jim Hackett took to the stage at CES 2018 in Las Vegas to outline the Transportation Mobility Cloud’s ability to build smart infrastructure for autonomous driving. This focuses on the idea of self-driving cars “talking” to their surroundings, from traffic lights at busy intersections to the smartphones in the pockets of pedestrians and bicyclists to other vehicles out on the road.

New Technology

This technology will be enhanced by Ford’s partnership with Qualcomm to install “vehicle-to-everything” cellular technology in all of its cars. The carmaker hopes that, by 2019, all of its new cars will have this connected car technology.

Along with this plan, Hackett also discussed recent trends in the automotive sector, focusing on autonomous vehicles, on-demand deliveries, and smart cities.

To learn more about the Ford self-driving platform or the brand’s other new technologies, make sure you stop into Olathe Ford to see the brand’s current lineup.

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