Innovative Ford Technology Prepares for the Future

Innovative Ford Technology Prepares for the Future

Ford has always been a leading pioneer of innovative Ford technology in the automotive industry. As the first company to use a moving assembly line over 100 years ago, the American carmaker includes ground-breaking thinking in its heritage.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that Ford continues to think outside the box, even today. Currently, it has a number of new ideas that drive the technologies being created by this carmaker.

Human-machine interaction.

The world is beginning to turn to digital technologies to refine the driving experience, and Ford is pushing its F-150 pickup truck to the cutting edge. A team of more than 130 researchers, engineers, and designers are working to integrate digital tech into the F-150, including game-changing sound design and entertainment systems.

Battery research.

As electric vehicles become more and more in demand, Ford is working to create lighter, more durable batteries for them. By adding research and engineering capabilities in Europe and Asia, Ford is allowing the team to control a network of world-class facilities around the globe.

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