Have You Noticed These Lincoln Cars in Movies?

Have You Noticed These Lincoln Cars in Movies?

A brand as old and revered as Lincoln is bound to have made its fair share of appearances on the silver screen. Let’s appreciate some famous Lincoln Cars in Movies over the years.


Both the Entourage television series and movie feature a 1965 Lincoln Continental. The classic luxury car is driven by Johnny Drama and is featured often enough to be considered a secondary character by fans.


While the Lincoln Futura never made it to production, it did play a major role in the 1966 Batman television series. The concept’s winged design made it an ideal model to turn into the Batmobile in time for filming. Following its appearance as the Batmobile, it eventually sold for $4.62 million at auction in 2013.

Hit and Run

In the movie Hit and Run, the 1967 Lincoln Continental is practically the star of the show. The model makes its way to the silver screen in an action-packed chase. Actor Dax Shepard, who drivers the Lincoln Continental, is the car’s actual owner as well. He’s owned it for more than a decade and has customized it to his liking. Today, the Lincoln Continental features custom seats, gauges, steering wheel, and a Ford Racing crate 514 engine.

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