How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

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When the cold weather arrives, we all have our routines, like pulling out our warmest sweaters or stocking up on wood for the fireplace. But our vehicles need to be adjusted to the winter season, too. Use these tips from Olathe Ford to prepare your vehicle for winter this year.

Check Your Tires

Cold weather is a difficult thing for tires to handle. The low temperatures cause tire pressures to drop, and also make it more likely that tires will crack and become damaged. Yet, driving on good tires is very important, especially in snow and ice. Check your tires for any signs of wear right now, and keep an eye on the tire pressure throughout the season.

Check Your Battery

Your battery is also more sensitive in the winter and is more likely to die if it’s near the end of its life. Have your battery checked now, and replaced if needed, to avoid a jump later.

Switch to Winter Wiper Fluid

Did you know that there’s a special windshield wiper fluid just for the winter season? This winter wiper fluid can withstand lower temperatures without freezing so you can count on it to give you the best visibility possible when your windshield gets covered in snow and road salt.


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