2018 Mustang Performance Pack 2 Takes Pony to New Levels

2018 Mustang Performance Pack 2 Takes Pony to New Levels

Mustang Performance Pack

Ford engineers have announced an exciting new project that’s been kept secret for months: the 2018 Ford Mustang Performance Pack 2, a package available on the 2018 Mustang that tweaks this incredibly popular pony car’s handling and grip to perfection.

Performance Pack 2 isn’t so much about acceleration—instead, it adds to the Mustang’s aerodynamics, gives the driver more steering power, boosts braking performance, and lets you take sharp corners with ease.

The new Mustang will debut in the spring, but fans can place orders for the Mustang GT with Performance Pack 2 now. The package will also come with stability control and antilock brakes, street-able track and competition tires, special spoiler, and much more. According to one engineer who worked on the project, “It will just beg you to go faster.”

Performance Pack 2 isn’t the only announcement Ford has made in the last couple of weeks. The upcoming Ford Mustang GT will offer an available supercharger that brings its horsepower up to as high as a whopping 700 hp, with a max torque of 610 lb-ft. The supercharger brings with it an air-to-liquid intercooler system, a special lower intake manifold, installation hardware, and much more.

To find out more about the new packages and features you can get on the 2018 Ford Mustang, give us a call today at Olathe Ford.

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