Olathe Luxury Apartment Development Approved by City Council

Olathe Luxury Apartment Development Approved by City Council

Olathe luxury apartment development

The Olathe City Council has approved plans for the Archer Subdivision project, which was proposed by 3 Parker Investments LLC as a plan to combine a 208-unit apartment building with three commercial lots in the center of the city. The Olathe luxury apartment development will build more units on the back two-thirds of the acquired land and hopes to attract businesses to the commercial lots once so many new residents will live close. The City Council approved the apartments in a unanimous vote last month.

Park Investments LLC has promised that the apartments will be fitted with luxury design and amenities like high ceilings and real granite countertops, with rent starting at $700 and upwards of $1000 at the highest.

The City Council also approved funds for a new manufacturing plant for Orizon Aerostructures, which will soon be relocating its aircraft parts manufacturing business to Olathe from North Kansas City. An estimated 65 jobs will come with Orizon; over the next few years, the workforce is projected to increase to hundreds.

The housing and job markets are sure to be booming as these projects take flight, so if you’re looking for a safe, quiet town to move to with plenty of job opportunities, Olathe is the perfect place. And when you get here, stop by Olathe Ford to find your next vehicle!

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