New 2018 Mustang Upgrades Start with Duct Tape

New 2018 Mustang Upgrades Start with Duct Tape

Some vehicle improvements take years, especially after research, testing, and development. However, some improvements happen in mere moments. Ford engineers Mike Del Zio and Jonathan Gesek recently improved handling and efficiency on the 2018 Mustang upgrades by simply adding some duct tape.

You Read That Right.

Although not all 2018 Mustang upgrades are this simple, the Ford engineers reasoned that the lagging performance of the 2018 Mustang on the test track had to do with front-end lift. However, without high-end tools available, Del Zio and Gesek simply added a strip of duct tape to the front grille—a change that noticeably improved handling and reduced drag, according to Ford.

A Little Strip Is All It Takes.

“That little strip of tape made all the difference,” Del Zio said. “The key to the subjective is confidence. At the end of a straightaway, what confidence do you have in being able to brake and make a turn? Things start to come up fast at 155 miles an hour.”

Though your new Mustang won’t come with a loose strip of duct tape, it will have a few front-end changes like a lowered nose, a large front splitter, and a rocker shield for added airflow. There’s also active grille shutters standard across the non-Performance Pack-equipped vehicles.

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